Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Caitlyn has officially created a monster. I have joined the ranks of the Spindlekins.

She taught me to use a drop spindle yesterday. (Great job on teaching, by the way! I will recommend you highly if anyone mentions to me the desire to learn how to spin.)

It's a good thing I ran out of wool this morning, or my schoolwork would never get done, my music students would feel neglected, and my siblings would starve.

Oh, and harvest time is almost over - what is one supposed to do with 200 lbs of butternut squash, I wish to know? Perhaps I'll try cooking it like pumpkin pie filling. Yum!

We weighed the largest of the sugar baby watermelons, and it reached 15 lbs! Tasted good too :)

I was too scared to document the tomato harvest - let's just say it was enough.


Karen said...

We've made butternut squash pies before...some say that it is better than pumpkin because the texture is finer. Puree it and freeze it in bags! So convenient! And you can make pumpkin (butternut) bread and stuff! 200 lbs is a lot, though! And wahoo for getting hooked on spinning! Such fun!

King's child said...

You spun ALL that fiber ALREADY!!! Sheesh, your beginning to sound like me. ;) Spindlekins.... I like that.

Alas, F.A.D. (Fiber Addiction Disorder) is highly contagious, just watching someone spin can infect you.... dare we hope that the doctors will come up with a cure?

Hmmmm, butternut squash overload.... I admit it, if I were in your shoes, I would throw it all to the cows. ;D

See ya' either on Saturday or Sunday!


King's child said...

One more thing.... Are you still doing the 'park and draft' technique? I know you're probably ready to move on to the next step, but just hang in there! Skipping through park and draft is somewhat akin to learning how to read before before learning the whole alphabet.


Garden of Glory said...


I'll go back to 'park and draft' like a good student ;)

That's what I did in Russian - learned how to read words before really knowing the cyrillic alphabet.

I can't wait to sort alpaca wool with you! I spun with some alpaca and though it was a bit more slippery, it wasn't too hard to get a thin, fuzzy yarn. The short fiber stuff you gave me was HARD.

King's child said...

Tsk, tsk. ;)[mutters to self] Why is it that all my students keep on trying to get ahead? Why can't they just be patient? ;D

Patience, patience. Oh wait, look who's talking!

Alpaca is much easier to spin once it's prepared; go ahead and practice spinning it, USING THE PARK AND DRAFT METHOD. Just pull off a small handful of fiber and go from there. Delightfully soft and slippery....


Gwennie said...

Congratulations Emily! You're now a spinster! ;~P

If you're excited about sorting fleece, you should come and help us. --We have a garage full just waiting for someone to take the time to sort it! : )

Garden of Glory said...

Gwennie, I would love to come over!

E-mail me about any free Saturday you might have in October :)

~sm said...

WOW! I love spinning!