Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Turkey butchering on the fly...

We've been getting drenched here in the Willamette valley over the past couple days... cool and wet fall weather is my favorite time of year... as long as there are no broilers or turkeys being raised at the time. Then it's nothing but misery and worry. Birds do not have a will to live.

That is why I randomly decided to hand process our turkeys yesterday so they would be safe in our freezer. Isaac, Sarah G. and I (the other two had no choice - I'm such a slavemaster XD jk) hung the birds from the clothesline post, slit the throats, hand plucked, gutted, and froze the birds. We didn't have a pot big enough to scald any but the smallest female, but plucking was surprisingly easy except for the wings.

Pigs ate the entrails, chickens pecked at the scraps and feathers on the ground, and there are 120 lbs of turkey meat sitting in our freezer. Now I can relax and enjoy fall.

Good times :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

These Folks Need Facts

Things like this drive me nuts.

I read an article http://www.healthy.net/scr/Article.aspx?Id=777 . Great, other than this quote:

"Cows have four stomach with which to digest their own milk. Cow's milk is just not fit for human consumption, especially not when it's full of bovine growth hormone and antibiotics. Don't feed your children cow's milk. They just don't need it; in fact it's bad for us all unless you are dying of starvation and its the only available source of protein. The only "healthy" dairy product for homo sapiens (that's us) is yogurt, which is already partially digested with enzymes."

No, when calves drink milk, it completely bypasses two of the stomach compartments: the rumen and reticulum, by means of the esophageal groove. It is digested in the omasum and abomasum by enzymes... much like human children digest breast milk.

It is an error to say that all milk is not a good food for humans, simply because pasteurized milk is a known contributor of many health issues. In a non-compromised/lactose sensitive individual, raw dairy products provide their own enzymes for proper digestion and are a great food for children and adults, when used to supplement a natural whole foods diet.

Lol. Peoples. :P