Saturday, September 5, 2009


"Sing to the Lord with thanksgiving...

Who covers the heavens with clouds,

Who prepares rain for the earth,

Who makes grass to grow on the mountains..."

~Psalm 147:7-8~

Last week I went camping with my church at Fisherman's Bend for four days. Among the fun things we did were biking, hymn-singing around the campfire, playing Dutch Blitz and spoons by lamplight, wading in the creek, hiking at Salmon Falls, and chilly morning devotions by the bank of the Santiam River. *Several younger boys received great joy in teasing me about my like of 'healthy food' and extreme dislike of soda and candy. One evening I found a chocolate bar on my pillow. I got revenge the next day by publicly burning it. The looks of horror on those faces was perfect :D Who says I'm sweet and kind all the time? ~Evil laugh~ *

A good friend invited me to join her family at Detroit Lake on Friday afternoon. Some of us went out in the boat while others fished. What could be more fun than lying in a boat on a lake watching the rain drops fall?

This morning I woke to the sound of rain on the roof. It's enough to make me glad my room is so poorly insulated. I slept in a full 15 minutes longer than normal just to enjoy the peaceful rhythm.

After milking I had to chase a galloping cow around the wet orchard. Have you ever seen a 1200 lb matronly milk cow gleefully kick up her heels as her irate owner runs after her, yelling helplessly? 'Tis a sight to behold.
I biked to a neighbor's house this morning to care for their animals while they are on vacation. Wet through and happy, am I :) A few hours from now some of us are heading up to Fort Stevens for the reenactment.
In the rain.


Christi said...

It was such a delight to spend time together at Family Camp with you Emily!

P.S. You forgot to mention the burning of the chocolate!! *laughing*

Garden of Glory said...

You're right! Let me remedy that situation ;)

Christi said...

Emily, you had way too much fun burning the chocolate!!!! It was awesome to watch the guy's faces :)

King's child said...

Tee hee, your supposed to eat the chocolate when camping, not burn it! ;D

Sounds like you had fun. :)

Make sure you take pics of the reenactment!!


Garden of Glory said...

This is a free country! I demand the right to choose not to eat chocolate (except under very rare circumstances). I'm almost positive it's a clause in the constitution ;)