Thursday, March 1, 2012

Wedding Daze

Yes, I'm back to let y'all know what's happening around here :)

God has been so good, teaching Isaac and I many things over the past 8 1/2 months. Only 39 days to go before the wedding, I honestly couldn't be happier... I'm marrying the man of my dreams :) Wow, God is good.

Shiloh our Jersey heifer is bred, and she and Opal (due to calve on Easter) will be coming with us to our new home. Looking for a home for Jani come summer, and then having to decide whether to keep all three current calves or sell one or two.

Isaac and I are getting two dozen Rhodie chicks in a couple weeks, he's so excited to get to raise chickens... and me too, I've never actually had my *own* flock before.

Still amazed that I'm getting married...

...and spending my life with the most amazing man I know.

Our life will be an adventure, if these past few months are any indicator, lol... lots of stories, laughter, we probably will be a bit impulsive, and have a blast no matter where we live :)

...I think I like marrying a visionary :D

Wedding planning is going very well, just enough snags thrown in to occasionally raise the blood pressure of everyone involved... can't get too boring now, can it ;) It's really amazing how much effort and detail go into weddings. It was really helpful to use 'The Knot' checklist and planner to give me an overview of what all needed to be done. Pray the next few weeks are a fun blur... fast and... yeah, just fast ;)