Friday, February 27, 2009

Today I Realize

The most beautiful sunrises have not risen unseen...

The first new snow held my footprints...

My brothers are more dear to me and their help appreciated...

I have learned so much about farming, nutrition, and relaxing under stressful situations...

A cow loose in the feed barn, running around on the hay bales and breaking the crates doesn't disturb me any more... I can handle it...

because I bought Jani :D

I suppose I should explain that last one - our milk parlor is next to the hay barn, and last night I gave a brother the task of sending the cows back into the field once they finished their grain because I needed to leave for ECD.

I arrived home at 9:30... heard a noise when I went to transfer the milk from the ice cooler into the fridge... and opened the parlor door to see a very nonchalant Mattie chewing her cud and staring me coolly in the face.

Racing around the corner, I see an equally nonchalant Jani staring at me from BEHIND the useless barrier we have set up in the opening of the hay barn. So, over the fence I jump, coaxing Jani back through the ridiculously small opening. It doesn't work - Jani turns back and starts running onto the hay bales (did I mention she is pretty spry for a 900 lb animal?), and here I go, chasing her around while I wince at the cracking of the wooden hay pallets and Jani tripping and nearly breaking all four legs when she tried to go under the barrier. Not smart.

This is nothing new - she's done it a couple times before.

I'll tell you, my life is crazy.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Daughter of the King

Lord, renew a right spirit within me. 
A spirit that shows grace to others as an outpouring of the grace which you have freely given me. Grace which overlooks faults, shares a heart full of joy, honors my Savior, and changes the lives it touches. 
A heart of love that is totally unselfish and humbly serves others regardless of notice or man's vain praise. 
A consistent life that magnifies a King who is powerful enough to change my heart of sin, and who placed in me a heart of flesh, tender and sensetive to His commands.
A life that wins the trust of my brothers and sisters, father and mother, friends and acquaintances, who know that they can count on me to serve without exacting payment in return.
A woman who follows Proverbs 31 because of a truly changed life, not begrudingly or with a 'works' mindset.
To be different, set apart, a stranger in this world. Dress differently, think differently, talk differently. Cool clothes, self-absortion and slang are not characteristic of a child of God.
And be wholly in love with my eternal Friend - lest I fall into the danger of depending on earthly friends for my sense of belonging. I will never find it.
This, Lord, is my prayer.

Monday, February 9, 2009

What's New

There is snow falling, and each sunrise and sunset seems more beautiful than the one before. I love winter so much now that spring is coming!

Jani is officially dried up, and putting on weight for her April calf - I am so excited, but if it's a bull I don't think I'll be able to smile for a week because he would be destined for the freezer. Trying to convince myself that a calf with a cute dark face like Jani's is meat is near to impossible.

So I heard from a friend who got an English degree through Verity online, that for electives in their Nutrition degree I would be able to take all of the music classes that I've wanted to take through the International Academy of Music - that's a real praise! And because it's accredited, the two year program would be a goal with a real finish line to work towards. It makes more sense for me to pursue two passions at one time, though I've hear because they squeeze four years of college work into two, I may not have a life for a couple years.

All this said, God will either provide the piano students that will pay for this or He will not, so I think I will apply for Fall 2009 and leave it in His hands.