Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Baby News!

It has been so long since I last posted! I'm loving not having internet at home, I like to think it gives me more opportunity to do household chores, reflect, and read up on childbirth (oh yes, and be BORED and REST... hard to get used to that feeling, lol) ;) But it's nice to grab a computer a couple times a week before teaching :) Life is full... full of love and laughter, full of learning about God through our marriage relationship and the completely new adventures He sends us... even the hard times that seem like they may overturn my small faith bring a deeper relationship with Him. Marriage to an amazing and intricate man. The good gets better with time, friends :) Four more months until I can hold our beautiful baby Jedediah in my arms! He's surrounded by music every day, tends to kick me when he hears a chord he doesn't particularly like ;) Moves around especially while I'm riding in the car (thought motion was supposed to lull babies to sleep!) I imagine him as a stocky little boy with dark hair and lashes, busy playing ball with his daddy. I'm excited to think about our future as a new family with a husband who loves God, loves me and loves our baby. Praying for God to protect His chosen among a fallen nation until He returns.