Tuesday, November 30, 2010

100th Post


Thank y'all for commenting on my blog posts over the past two years (and putting up with the random photos and my sometimes morbid sense of humor ;) ). I hope you have enjoyed reading them as much as I have enjoyed writing them :D It means a lot to have friends with whom I can share the big and small events of my life.

If you comment on this post, I will respond and tell you:

1. When was the first time I met you, and what thoughts crossed my mind.
2. What I think is your best quality.
3. One memory I have of you.

As a bonus, I'll also try to guess your favorite color :D


Sarah said...

100?! :D Congratulations Emily!

King's child said...

Do I want to know what crossed you mind when we first met? That might be scary... ;)


Christi said...

Do I get to tell you what my first though about you was?!... I think I already have :)

By the way, I have really enjoyed reading your blog!

Megan said...

Congrats and the 100th!
Sorry I haven't commented more (I really do read your blog!), but now I have to know what the first thought that crossed your mind when you met me was. :P
I'm almost afraid to ask. :P

Hannah said...

Wow, Emily! I love reading your blog.

Emily said...

Uh Oh... Do I really want to know what first crossed your mind?

Congratulations on the 100th post!


Garden of Glory said...


I met you at SWH Baptist Church when I was 10, I think - we went to Mrs. Farrands knitting class together that first or second year, I think. My thoughts? I remember thinking back in that first year of band that we couldn't possibly become good friends... boy was I wrong! :D

Your best quality is your joy! You rub off on others and are good medicine to our hearts.

There are too many favorite memories! How about all of those crazy fun car rides to and fro ECD :D And the fact that 'straight is straighter' :P

Garden of Glory said...


It was rather scary... for me, that is :D Actually, I just remember thinking, "wow, I don't even know her, and she's rambling on about animals, and how much she liked my cow pictures, and how she's like to own a Dexter...", perty soon I realized I had found a kindred spirit :D

Your best quality: can I name two or three? Your willingness to be weird and go against our culture as long as you believe it is the right thing to do. How you like working with your hands, like living at home, and aren't afraid to get in there and do things. I also admire your relationship with your siblings.

One favorite memory I have of you is when we hiked through the 98 acres and explored the forest meadow, the creek, the old bank barn... and our attempts to climb through the window :D :D :D

Um, I think your favorite color is brown, am I right?

And Sarah, your favorite colors are green, blue and purple?

Garden of Glory said...

...oh, and I met you, Caitlyn, at ECD about two years ago!!!


I met you at VBC two years ago. My first thoughts were, "she has got to be close to my age", and "she's quiet, and very tall". I also remember one of our first conversations was about shoe sizes!

Your best quality is your ability to give your time and heart to your friends. You have a definite love gift of touch, and when you make a friendship, it is lasting.

A memory I have of you is lying in our field of daisies the day after helping me calve Jani and just lying in the sun, talking. Another memory (wow, so many come to mind) is our talk beside the wide creek near Fisherman's Bend on our family's hike to a waterfall, where I first saw your deep love for God and His Word.

Your favorite color is... blue?

Garden of Glory said...


I met you with your sisters at ECD, and honestly my first thoughts were "okay, so Megan is the sister with the lightest hair... I can remember this" :D We also danced together a lot, if I recall, and it was a lot of fun!

You have always shown a great sense of humor, I love listening to you banter with your sisters, and hear about your archery, writing, and other pursuits.

One memory I have of you is when I came over to your house to do henna the first time, and you were cracking up at us the whole time! I love your laugh.

Your favorite color is... green? Please, please, please tell me I'm right!

Garden of Glory said...


I remember the first time we met at VBC, the Mennes invited me to sit at the girls table, and you were so quiet! My thoughts were more along the lines of, "What do I say? Do we share any interests?" Then I learned about your greenhouse and piano teaching plans... and it was all downhill from there :P

The quality that I see in you most right now is your willingness to help out your family, learn about nutrition, and also how you are sensitive to what God is telling you.

One memory I have of you is playing volleyball at the Mintens :D That was sooo much fun to watch you! And when we raced around the house afterwards :D

Your favorite color is... wow, I honestly have no idea! What is it?

Garden of Glory said...


hehe :P Actually the thoughts that crossed my mind were, "She and I have the same name... she's got the darkest hair of her sisters, and the cutest smile."

Your best quality is how you help out with your younger siblings, you have great creative talent - sewing, photography, etc. - and also your sense of humor... though I tend to be the reason behind many of your jokes and teasing :P

One memory I have of you is when we were trying to wash out the gunk from the henna-ing! And at the cider pressing when you and Caitlyn were cranking the handle together and having a blast.

Your favorite colors are... pink and brown?

Gwennie said...

Hey! I like your morbid sense of humor!! (But maybe that's because I have morbid tendancies too. Hmm...): P

Congratulations on your 100th post! : )

Gretchen said...

I'm going to comment because I really want to know if you remember the first time we met. I totally remember Mrs. Farrands! What a blast from the past!

I enjoy reading your blog, Emily, keep up the writing!

King's child said...

ROTFL, Emily! ;D I'm surprised that you never turned tail and ran away after we met! I remember being so ecstatic to find a real human being who also liked animals! I also remember thinking to myself: "She has got to be the prettiest girl I have ever seen... And she likes cows too!" ;D

Hehe, I remember scrabbling through that teeny barn window with you! I still go through it every now and again though...

Yep, my favorite color is most definitely brown!


Julia Horton said...

Wow! 100 posts! I admire your persistence in reaching that admirable number. ;)
Hey, I enjoy your sometimes morbid sense of humor - it makes me laugh. Alot. :D

Tyson said...

Congratulations on your 100th post. Keep going; your blog is a fascinating glimpse into a lifestyle that the majority of young Americans will never experience in the slightest.

Hannah said...

You said you thought I was quiet... that is past-tense isn't it? I remember you and Caitie talking about making bread and I was surprised you had the patience and time -- I don't seem to have either one of those and I make bread now too. :)
My favorite color is most of the time purple.

Garden of Glory said...


The thought that crossed my mind was, 'she has got to be the most lady-like girl I have ever seen'. You were the first person at WBC to introduce yourself, and at the time it was funny because you sort of knew me, while I had no idea who you were!

Your strengths are your kindness and joy :) EXTREMELY great qualities, might I add?

One of my favorite memories is our hike to the creek near your new house where we crossed the log, jumped in some puddles, and watched those corny squirrels :D

Your favorite color is... pink?

Garden of Glory said...


hehe :P I can't remember when you family started going to SWBC, but I'll always remember you being in the next Sunday School class down the hall row of doors! It was so humiliating to be one grade younger than you big kids :D I have NO idea what my first thoughts about you were, but I've always been aware of how beautiful God has made you.

Your strengths, that I can tell, are your emotional steadiness, and you think through your words before you say them. You are also extremely smart, and have a real passion for the truth and doing what is right.

A memory I have of you... gosh, one of my favorite times together was when I spent the night at your house, and as the sun was setting we went on a walk through the blueberry fields to the pond with Callie (goofy dog ;)). And all those Starbucks visits where we had Chai and chatted... and graduating together...

Your favorite color is... green (though perhaps that has changed in the past couple of years :D).

Garden of Glory said...


"Wow, she's so beautiful! I wonder what her interests are?"

Your strengths are your ability and desire to dig deep into God's word, and look for truth to apply to your life. You also have a real gift for spending time listening to and sharing with your friends. And you've got a great sense of humor ;)

One of my favorite memories is our walk through the tall, wet grass to move the cows, and then running down to the woods to almost get shot in the cross-fire of an airsoft war. Also doing 'spider' on the swings at the park, and the mud war up in my new room... is life always going to be this exciting with you? :P

Your favorite color is... gosh, you look great in red, white, black, and deep purple/maroon but are they your favorites?

Garden of Glory said...


Thanks! I honestly want people to see that this kind of life is possible... not perfect, not always fun, but always an adventure and in the end rewarding.

My first thoughts when I first saw you back at WBC, "Wow, that has got to be the biggest grin I have ever seen on a person!" :P

Your strengths that I have noticed are humor and optimism. I'm sure you have many others :D

I remember your contributions to the WBC Sunday School class, always good for either a laugh or to make us think outside the box, thanks!

Your favorite color... no clue, care to enlighten me? :P

Thanks again for reading my blog, Tyson.

Andrew said...

I found your blog through looking at David P.'s Followers - just recently. Country life sounds like a hilarious mix of fun and homeschool-style ... can't think of the word but maybe I will.

Say, does Daniel have a blog?

Andrew E.

Garden of Glory said...

Hey Andrew!

When you think of the word, please let me know. There are times this life is beyond chaos, and other times it is beyond joy.

I first met you at ECD over two years ago. I remember noticing how tall you are :D

You best quality... I don't know you well enough to accurately say, but you are a gentleman at heart, and God is going to use you mightily as you continue to trust Him with your life.

One memory I have of you is at dance class when you and Laura dance together :D You crack me up, it's so much fun to watch you two siblings interact. Also the Boston Tea Party was a lot of fun to dance with you!

April said...

When your family was attending WGBC, I didn't know you very well and thought that you were sweet and shy! It wasn't until Daniel's graduation party that we had our first good talk and I learned about your farming interests and that you have a heart for God - and that you have a lot of good things to share about both! :)

April said...

Btw, I still think you're sweet. :)