Monday, October 25, 2010

The Sheer Ecstasy of being a Lunatic Farmer

Absolutely hilarious new book from 'my hero' ;) My thoughts exactly, put into an eye-catching title.

Here's my book review:

"The Sheer Ecstasy of being a Lunatic Farmer' - by Joel Salatin

Since writing his first book 'Pastured Poultry Profits' in 1993, his experience speaking at conferences, expanding his farm, learning certain methods that work better than his early models, and having many other book-writing experiences under his belt have led to a mature new work that is aimed at the same audience of the movies 'Fresh' and 'Food Inc.' without losing Salatin's normal flair for the extreme sarcasm and word pictures that make one laugh.

Vision is what we need, and people who are willing to look beyond the moment and work to impact future generations for the better.

While there were several new concepts that he addressed in this book that I do not remember being covered in earlier works, Salatin definitely reviews a lot of material. The only issue I take with this newest book is that Joel Salatin is so successful, that those of us who are just starting our endeavors may feel discouraged at not being able to implement everything right off the bat, since Joel makes a huge case for each proven method being vital to a healthy and functional farm - and they are, yet it has taken many years and a huge learning curve in order for him to refine the system. A beginner has a harder time relating to Salatin's works the better and more successful he becomes, in my opinion. Still, if one has a will to keep trying, and become more and more innovative, there is no reason this book will discourage you.

I'll end with a great quote from the book...

From the chapter 'White Collar Farmer'

"I've heard that if your vision can be accomplished in your lifetime, it's too small. Few things excite me as much as meeting sharp young people who want to be farmers. I see it as a reversal of a trend, and a linchpin in the healing of our country. May thousands and thousands of sharp, clever young people join this profitable vocation: lunatic farming. It's noble. It's sacred. It's a great living. It's wonderful scenery. It's a great place to raise kids.

Enjoying this life and encouraging the best and brightest to join in is the sheer ecstasy of being a lunatic farmer."


Sarah said...

You finished it already?! :D

Garden of Glory said...

It's fascinating stuff, how could I not finish it already ;)

King's child said...

"Must--get--book.... ;)

I've been dying to read that one; but none of the libraries have it yet! :-/

Hurrah for lunatic farmers!!!! ;D