Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Heart of Farming

I thought you farmers and farmers-at-heart might appreciate this:

"When you see that you're making the other things feel good, it gives you a good feeling, too. The feeling inside sort of just happens, and you can't say this did it or that did it. It's the many little things. It doesn't seem that taking sweat-soaked harnesses off tired, hot horses would be something that would make you notice. Opening a barn door for the sheep standing out in a cold rain, or throwing a few grains of corn to the chickens are small things, but these little things begin to add up in you, and you can begin to understand that you're important. You may not be real important like people who do great things that you read about in the newspaper, but you begin to feel that you're important to all the life around you. Nobody else knows or cares too much about what you do, but if you get a good feeling inside about what you do, then it doesn't matter if nobody else knows. I do think about myself a lot when I'm alone way back on the place bringing in the cows or sitting on a mowing machine all day. But when I start thinking about how our animals and crops and fields and woods and gardens sort of all fit together, then I get that good feeling inside and don't worry much about what will happen to me." ~ from 'Feed My Sheep' by Terry Cummins ~ an excerpt from the essay 'Renewing Husbandry' by Wendell Berry

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King's child said...

Ya' hit the nail right on the head there! Or rather, Wendell Berry did.

I love it when I'm in the barn; My goats have fresh, golden straw in their pen, cold water in the bucket, hay in the manger... And the three of us sit in the sun and sight in contentment... :)

I love bein' a farm girl...