Monday, August 2, 2010

Beach Trip

Well actually we went on this fun vacation back in March, but the pictures which were eaten by Daniel's computer finally revealed themselves, so here goes!

Our beach house...

I thought this next one looked pretty cool - the seagull seems to be about to land on Abigail's head!

Sledding on the dunes...

Beautiful rocky coast scenery...

Look out - dangerous family alert ;)

We also visited a wildlife refuge... with absolutely no wildlife to be seen anywhere ;) It was truly a beautiful place, despite the expensive concrete paths and impractical spiral lookout point.

Isn't this next picture cool?

True to form, my dad found a cemetery for us to visit. It was my absolute favorite hike of the whole trip, past beautiful misty meadows where cows grazed and quietness all around, not another soul to be seen (excepting the odd farmer or graveyard ghost, of course).

...and a few ragamuffins, hiding out under the church awning from the rain...

On our way home, we stopped along the highway to sit awhile on the banks of a creek. This is me, thinking, of course.

We also visited Fort Yamhill - it looks like it will be a neat place to hang out once they have rebuilt more of the structures.

We got purposely lost in the woods. Again. My dad took us to what looked like an old logging road and we climbed up into the hills for a while. Then, leaving the trail, we cut down through the woods along the creek until we came out at the road. Wet and miserable, was I, yet I was outvoted in my desire to stick to the beaten path and had to conform to the mutineers' decision. Democracy is tough.

All in all, a really fun trip with my family.

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