Monday, December 21, 2009

Sauble Christmas Letter

As the Sauble family was busy decorating a tree with funny-looking lights, we took this year's newsletter into our capable hooves.

Let's see, where to begin - Jim began an addition on the house that will add much-needed bedroom and playroom space. His construction business really slowed down in the summer, but picked up this fall. Every day, as always, is a lesson in dependence on God's provision. Judy is busy about the house, homeschooling and is an Awana leader.

Daniel (21) is in his first year of graduate school and finished a college internship at Intel this summer. In between school he works on starting a 'virtual tour photography' business from home, and practicing with his new camera by creating videos starring his 'light-saber dueling' brothers.

Emily (20), our human, desires to live back in the days when life wasn't so full of electronics. She's studying to be a certified community herbalist and enjoys researching and putting into practice sustainable farming methods. We are kind of glad she's so strange - creatures like us get royal treatment around here. She also teaches ten piano students, studies privately and plays for church.

Nathan is graduating this spring from homeschool high school and earning his citation in Awana. He just turned 18 and really wants to get his drivers license and find a job off the home base. Last fall he worked on a commercial fishing boat off the OR/WA coast and brought home some freshly caught albacore (not that we care, but the family seemed pretty excited)!

Marcus (15) works hard and neighbors hire him for all kinds of tasks. We see him around at 5 am, cleaning the parlor and getting things ready for milking. He uses his creativity for studying rocks (perhaps a Geologist is in his future?), creating things like a complex game from cardboard and chicken wire, and drawing. He took up saxophone in the homeschool band in addition to his piano and xylophone.

Joshua enjoys singing bass in our church choir and learning trombone and piano (MOO-sic to our ears!). He surpasses everyone but Nathan in height at age 13. In November, he came forward to be baptised with Nathan, Marcus and Caleb. What a neat event in their lives! Josh is an avid reader and works hard alongside his dad and around the farm (you should watch him handle a tractor!).

Caleb, an active 11 year old, enjoys playing basketball with friends from church but does not like waking up early to feed us. Oh well, I guess no one is perfect. He plays clarinet and piano and is memorizing a lot of God's Word in his last year of T'n'T Awana before moving on to junior high.

Abigail (8) is our picture draw-er and letter writer. She is learning bells in band and loves playing the piano with her sister Lydia. She also knits almost as fast as Emily and is learning to read recipes. The most exciting event of her year was when she accepted Jesus as her Savior on March 3rd.

Lydia, being the youngest at age 6, has fun doing school, attending Sparks (Awana), learning piano and playing with her sister, Abigail. She is quite the 'helper', and what she lacks in stamina, she makes up in enthusiasm when she asks to 'help' with milking, baking, and cooking.

Family events: this summer, the Sauble family joined Valley Baptist Church in McMinnville and enjoy getting to know their new church family. The only (and fun) vacation of the summer was family camp near Detroit Lake in August. You can't blame them for not wanting to leave us adorable critters!

Well, back to munching on the hay. Must have been a simply delightful bed for little baby Jesus!

Moo-erry Christmas!

Miss Mattie and Miss Jani (Jersey cows)

Shiloh Knoll Farm

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Christi said...

Emily, it has been so good to get to know you over this year. Thank you for posting your Christmas letter. I enjoyed reading it!