Saturday, June 6, 2009

Questions for those who read this...

Question: what do you think are your best and worst personality 'quirks'? I'm not sure what people think mine are, though perhaps that I am quiet - and the worst being that I am too reserved. Though it is not a sin to be too reserved (thank goodness), people get the impression that you are proud, when you just aren't the type to jump up and down when everyone else does. A friend reminded me that it is important to come to terms with the fact that not everyone is going to like the fact that I am reserved, and that is okay. What words of wisdom do you all have - perhaps some scripture that applies? 'Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.'

I was in the garden on Thursday, weeding, when dad yelled at me to get into the house - too late, the first wave of wind was upon me before I knew it. The storm threw half of the tomato plants sideways, but only one stem snapped. Other than a bit of damage to the raspberries, a massive leak where dad is re-doing our roofline, no harm was done. Our power stayed on (yay for electricity when it comes to milking time :D), but neighbors lost theirs. That storm was about the closest Oregon will ever come to a hurricane - pretty pathetic. The lightning was fun!

Next week I begin studying to be a certified community herbalist. It should take about a year and a half. My music theory, keyboard skills, and private lessons are done for the year, and a whole new world has been opened up for me - I realize how much more I can continue to learn, especially when it comes to composition, improvisation, and building up my sight singing, transposition, harmonic reading and analysis skills. This summer I'm learning 'Sarabande' and 'Gardens in the Rain' by Debussy, and 'Rhapsody in B minor' by Brahms. Next year I'd like to learn pieces by Grieg and Rachmaninoff. Do any of you know of piano pieces that might be a good challenge for me?

The cows, munching on fresh orchard grass... during the storm they never stopped grazing. Stomachs on four legs.

Dealing with hot temperatures, flies, and weeds is taking up a lot of my time. I absolutely love getting down and getting dirty, and every day I thank God for this farm.

My dad is building an addition on our house - which means I get my own room someday!

Here is Chuck, growing big and tasty...

Here is Mattie, posing regally for her photo shoot... (it might seem odd that you can see the outline of her ribs, but for those of you who are new to dairy cattle, it's normal. Beef cows store their weight in their shoulders and rumps - dairy cows store it in their belly)


King's child said...

Oooh, personality quirks, ouch. ;D

I'd say my worst is somewhere between being bossy with my younger siblings and being impatient.

My best? Hmmmm.... Well, I can say for sure that I am loyal to the death. Wait, is that good or bad? LOL. :D

Aaannnnddd.... I have a pretty good sense of humor. Being in a big family and having a herd of dairy goats has developed it very well.

One more! I make friends easily! :D

Okay, someone else's turn now!


David said...

Worst: Either being too loud, or being too quiet.
It changes back and forth.

Best: Friendly and welcoming.

I dunno, what do you think?

Karen said...

Worst: I have a REALLY hard time having a bad attitude about whatever. Mom says that it's been a problem ever since I was small, and I'm still dealing with 'tudes!

Best: Any righteousness in my person is a result of God's work in my life, no lie! This might sound cheesy, but having the Holy Spirit working in my life is the best thing I can think of!

Piano music: Greig and Rachmaninoff are great aspirations! My two favorite Grieg pieces so far are Wedding At Trollhaugen (not too hard, very fun), and the Holberg Suite. The Holberg Suite was written in two versions by Grieg, one for orchestra, one for solo piano. I personally think it sounds best with orchestra (and it's maybe my top favorite classical piece of all time), but the piano version is lovely, too! As far as Rachmaninoff, I'm working for fun on a set by Rachmaninoff entitled "Fantasy Pieces." I especially like the Elegie and the Prelude in C# minor. They are not extremely difficult, but extremely rewarding!

Theresa Wright said...

Just for the record, Emily, I don't think you come off as proud AT ALL. Maybe that's just my opinion, but really. I think proud would be one of the last words I'd use to describe you! :)

King's child said...

I hate to have to admit it, but my worst is my temper. I've got the hot irish temper alright.
If not, then it's shyness. I'm very shy. Been that way all my life. I can't help it. :(

My best is probably helpfulness or cheerfulness.

Funny thing, I can think of my worst right off, but for my best I have to really think on it. :P


Garden of Glory said...

Funny how when you start to think of your 'best' strength, it's hard to find. God is so faithful to remind us to quit being so critical of ourselves and others.

I'm pretty sure that there's a difference between 'personality quirks' and 'character quality'. How would you define them? Personality may be such as 'quiet' while character strength may be 'faithful'. It's so important to me to learn the difference so I can pray for God to change others' character flaws, and yet realize that personality 'flaws' such as I see them are no big deal, and I should appreciate each person no matter how 'unique' they may be ;)

Caity - I sometimes wonder if I would be loyal to the death... the problem is I will never know unless death stares me in the face like the Christian martyrs you read about.

David - I totally agree with your best. How do you define 'quiet'?

Karen - wow. You hit it right on when you say the Holy Spirit's working is, in essence, our only 'righteousness' Thanks for the reminder.

I love the piano version of the Holberg Suite! I'll check out that one and the Fantasy Pieces by Rachmaninoff, thank you <3

Theresa, that is so sweet of you to say so - but 'honest' is probably a better word to describe me, because I will tell you that pride IS a huge issue I deal with every day. Pride is the most deceitful sin out there, and just when I don't think I'm struggling with it, God deals with me sharply.

Megan - your character qualities are wonderful; cheerfulness is such a blessing to your home right now, and your future home someday! And there is hope for shyness :)

My brother and sisters in Christ, I appreciate your willingness to share in your struggles and triumphs.

"further up and further in..." - C. S. Lewis

David said...

Quiet=not being very friendly, even to my friends.

Or, just not participating to my full extent.