Friday, March 13, 2009

Planning for Spring

Went to Marion Ag. on Wednesday and got an unexpected tour of the building where they bag all the rocks and chemicals (I can't imagine working there, all those machines and dust so thick you can't see a thing) - glad Marcus went with me.

Shopping list:
* 200 lbs soft rock phosphate
* 400 lbs high calcium lime
* 10 gallons molasses
* 50 lbs dried kelp
* 50 lbs calcium nitrate
* 1 lb blue stone

I have yet to find a nearby source for liquid fish, ammonium sulfate, phosphoric acid, potassium bicarbonate and ammonium nitrate (for some odd reason, each time I inquire after something like lye or ammonium nitrate, I get looked at strangely and ask if I'm a chemistry major - or a bomb expert... hmm). Trying to ship something as bulky as a five gallon bucket will cost an arm and two legs, so if anyone knows of a source, could you let me know?

Like my dad says, we're not true farmers, but boy am I excited about working on the fields, orchard and garden this year! We'll try large-scale composting and spread over one field per year.

The tuba competition went as well as you could expect a tuba/piano ensemble to go, and I'm accompanying my friend Sarah for her flute competition next Saturday - the same day that I have the privilege of playing keyboard for the Celtic ECD ball!!! Lots of fun music, though it's hard to balance my music theory homework plus all of the repertoire I'm working on memorizing for my private music teacher.

The pic is from today's photo shoot - the sword is a replica of something significant, but I can't remember :D Swords are really neat... don't worry, I won't make it a habit to play with them, considering:

I tend to do odd things like, run straight into a shovel handle, then do it again three seconds later, then knock the whole wheelbarrow full of manure over and slip on the ice next to it and bash up my knees. Anyway, I might hurt someone if I take to much of an interest in weapons.


King's child said...

Ooooooh, I love the outfit!
Is the sword going to accompany you to the ball?

I love the blouse, the lace is a beautiful touch!


David said...

Very cool outfit, I assume that is your costume for the ball?

haha, yes swords can be dangerous, if you don't know how to use them.

Fortunately, I do.

Want lessons? :P

Brian said...

I think I'd be asking the same questions of you if you were trying to get all those chemicals. :P

What do you need them for? If it's farming related, have you tried farm stores like Wilco?

Yeah, you sound busy with all that music.

King's child said...

Oooh! I love your sword! My sisters can tell you that I wreak havoc when I start using my walking stick as a sword. :p

Hey! I know! I can take our machete to the ball! Close enough, right? :D :D


David said...

Ok, if meg is bringing her machete to the ball,
I'm bringing full body armour....

Yes ma'am, I'd like to keep my arm, thanks.

King's child said...

Rolling on the floor laughing David!

I'll make sure I hide it on Friday night. :D


King's child said...

If I can't take your arm, can I take your leg? Naah, you can't dance then. How about the head?


David said...

ha ha ha.

no you can not take my head, MEGAN,
as the rest of my body would not be able to function without it....


King's child said...

I love your outfit(especially the sword)! Its sooooo pretty!


Garden of Glory said...

I'll leave the sword at home if you leave the machete, Megan :)

I really want to learn to shoot first, David, and after that you can give me sword-fighting lessons - though I don't guarantee anything in the 'natural aptitude' category :)

The chemicals are used in fertilizer for our fields. Wilco is more into animal-related products, though I'll check. There's a couple other suppliers who might have smaller quantities of them. I honestly don't know if the government allows any ammonium nitrate to be sold, however - which is a bummer, because it's great for keeping the soil warm in winter and cool in summer.

I forgot to add that I have special music at church this Sunday... it just keeps getting better and better!

David said...

I'm still bringing my sword, as a self defense weapon.

Shooting is not real fighting...

Just kidding... ;)

Voorhees Family said...

I love the dress! :D That sword is really cool! Where did you get it?

Voorhees Family said...

That dress is beautiful!! What pattern did you use?

Hey, I brought my sword to one of the Balls. :D And yes, it is real steel. :D :P

~Krista Voorhees

Garden of Glory said...

Thanks so much, I saw a picture of a dress like that online and decided to come up with the pattern on my own (scary).

My neighbor, Sarah, and her brother own the swords - that is so neat about yours... you really brought it to a ball?!!

David said...

I brought MINE to the ball!

But is that special?

Just cause a girl brings a sword to the ball,
means that's special...

people are soooo biased these days, I have half a mind to go on the war path...

mutter, mutter, mutter.

King's child said...

Are you still feeling argumentative, David? LOL. :p


David said...


mutter, mutter, mutter....

goes outside and whacks a tree with sword.

David said...


Voorhees Family said...

Wow, you did a really good job, Emily!! :D I really did bring my sword. 8-)

Well, David, to make things even, we can BOTH bring our swords to the Celtic Ball. But beware...I'm a pretty good swordswoman--just ask my sister! 8-)


David said...

uh huh...

How long have you been a splinter swinger?


Voorhees Family said...

I don't know what a splinter-swinger is, but I've been sword-crazy ever since the LOTRs were made. :D

See ya all at the Ball!


Kamon said...

Yes they will give you odd looks and questions. Which just goes to show you how poorly educated even ag coops and farm stores are.

People just want someone to have something made up for them and they have purchased the bag of goods that the government and commercial companies want them to have. They want money, America wants easy.

Humans can destroy soils faster than anything on the planet.

I have been able to do what nature would do in 100 years (if left alone) in 2 years. So we also can be good stewards as the bible say we are.

I say it is a cool responsibility.

I hope you have fun doing it yourself.