Monday, March 30, 2009


Decision: walking for four hours in the rain is not a bad experience, but sitting drenched in a car for three hours IS.

Opal Creek looks like a neat area - it's hard to tell in the snow and rain, so I'm trying to get my family to plan a day trip there this summer so we can explore :)

Praying for a heifer... praying for a heifer... ONLY 10 MORE DAYS UNTIL JANI'S DUE DATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It has been two years since my last missions trip to Ukraine. I miss the people still, and pray that the Christians that I met will remain strong and zealous as they share the gospel with so many who are deceived. The orthodox church is still strongly opposed to Christianity (to the point of persecution), and more and more of the youth are becoming 'American-ized' and turning away from the saving grace of Christ. They could use your prayers. If God sends me to work in an orphanage in Ukraine, I think He would give me the strength to go, but right now He has kept me in the US for a purpose.

Nothing more of significance to say, so signing off...


King's child said...

Wow! You've been on a mission trip? I'd love to go on a mission trip. A lot of people I know have.

I'm hoping someday when I'm older I can go on one.


Theresa Wright said...

Opal Creek is BEAUUUTIFUL in the summertime... around June. We go there almost every Father's Day.

Karen said...

Yes! Go in June! It's my favorite hiking spot of all time in the summer! :)