Monday, February 9, 2009

What's New

There is snow falling, and each sunrise and sunset seems more beautiful than the one before. I love winter so much now that spring is coming!

Jani is officially dried up, and putting on weight for her April calf - I am so excited, but if it's a bull I don't think I'll be able to smile for a week because he would be destined for the freezer. Trying to convince myself that a calf with a cute dark face like Jani's is meat is near to impossible.

So I heard from a friend who got an English degree through Verity online, that for electives in their Nutrition degree I would be able to take all of the music classes that I've wanted to take through the International Academy of Music - that's a real praise! And because it's accredited, the two year program would be a goal with a real finish line to work towards. It makes more sense for me to pursue two passions at one time, though I've hear because they squeeze four years of college work into two, I may not have a life for a couple years.

All this said, God will either provide the piano students that will pay for this or He will not, so I think I will apply for Fall 2009 and leave it in His hands.


Gwennie H. said...

Good idea!

As to not having a life because of intense schoolwork... it's not that terrible... most of the time. :)

Garden of Glory said...

Oh good! Thanks for the encouragement ;)