Monday, December 8, 2008


I'm now thoroughly convinced that I worry far too much. Before you start to laugh behind your hand, try diving headfirst into a project like dairy cows and feel comfortable about the responsibility laid on your head when you are providing food for a dozen families who are counting on you to keep them healthy in the process! Run-on sentences are notorious at 8:20 PM for me. Late night? I'm extremely tired the next day without at least 9 hours of sleep starting at 9 PM at the absolute latest.

I think finally, finally, finally... I have discovered the world-famous secret on what keeps a cow producing the amount she should!!!!!!!!!!! *starts to shout for joy and jump up and down*

If ever you should decide to be a crazy person and go buy a cow, I'll let you know. In fact, I'll even come over and spend a week showing you all the RIGHT things to do and how to avoid all of the WRONG things.

Enjoy sanity. While you possess it.

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Brian said...

Yes, the school of hard knocks is a difficult, but excellent, teacher. :)