Monday, September 15, 2008


After two months, at last I am milking correctly! It is a lot easier, so I get the milk in half an hour by myself. It is hard to explain the correct way to milk either in words or in pictures, but experience eventually gets you there sooner or later :)

If I hold the bucket between my knees and keep it a ways away from her, I can aim the milk pretty well into the bucket, and when she lifts up her feet they miss their aim. So far she hasn't proven me wrong on this theory.

I watch the dawn emerge over Mt. Hood as I milk. The air is cool and clean, and peaceful quiet lays over the world like a blanket. There are rare moments like these that make any effort worth it, even rising up earlier than all the neighbors! Jani also seems more relaxed and moves around less when I get out to the barn early in the morning (she always seems to get the last word in these matters).

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