Friday, March 18, 2011

Opal Update

Opal has officially adopted me as her 'baby' after being here for two weeks ;)

She is boss of the herd, no doubt about it.

Mattie and Jani get shoved away from the three-cow feeder, and Opal stands sideways in front of it, blocking the whole thing with her huge form.

However, Miss Opal is forced into a tough decision when I start brushing Mattie behind her... what to do? Hay... or brushing... hay... brushing???

Jealousy wins, she picks grooming over food, sidles away from the feeder and comes in between me and Mattie (who happily takes her place at the feeder while Opal is distracted). I brush her neck and she raises her head in sheer ecstasy, eyes rolling back into her head, leaning into me. Then she contorts her body so that her neck wraps all the way around me, and starts licking my arm. Eventually she is leaning into me so much that her hoof is on my foot... hey, there's a limit to how much love a person can take ;)

Having only owned cows that came as adults from a commercial dairy before, this is such a sweet experience for me. Gaining her trust so soon, being able to touch her all over, give her hugs (which she adores), and feel totally safe with her :D

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