Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Great news!!!

Mattie is four months pregnant!!!

Monday afternoon I poured out my heart to God, kneeling before Him, humbled in the realization that all my dreams and plans are nothing to Him. His Will will be accomplished whether by my life or my death.

Yet still, He chooses to give and take away. Recently He has chosen to give me hope in my dairy business by showing Himself mighty where I am weak.

Mattie and Jani spent some time with a bull back in September, but we had to send the bull back after only three weeks, so there were no guarantees that they successfully bred.

And then Jani shows signs that she is not pregnant. Ugh. There were also some indicators that Mattie was not - I was devastated. My options were to keep trying AI on both, or get another bull for six weeks and pay an arm and a leg to feed him. And then Mattie did not show signs of heat, and I thought, "oh no, not again". Last year there was actually half a year where she wasn't cycling, and we had a hard time getting her going again, so my mind was overwhelmed at the thought of having to go through that again. She is what is called a 'hard breeder' and throws 'silent heats', so AI is not usually an option.

I resigned myself to the possibility that we would simply have to sell one or both cows this next year. It would break my heart, but I run a business, not a petting zoo.

Then God came through - a friend came over to do AI on Jani and preg. check Mattie on Monday evening. She told me that Mattie is four months along... I laughed, I cried, I went into the house and fell on the couch in hysterics.

Yep. That's me.

Mom and Dad looked at each other... "was that what we were like finding out about each one of the kids?" Dad wondered out loud, "I wonder what she would have done if BOTH cows were pregnant."


Lately I've been wondering if I'm not a human, or whether I'm just so individual that the chances of finding another dairy cow fanatic like me are one in a million. :P


Christi said...

YAAAAA!!!!!! Em, I'm really happy for you!

Sonia said...

oh hurray! :D yippee :D I'm so glad for you Emily. I've been praying for you and your milking business :D

Rehtaeh said...

That's wonderful Emily!!!
How long is the gestation period for cows btw?

Garden of Glory said...

It's about 9 1/2 months, Heather. So if everything goes well, we're looking at a June 28th calf!