Monday, April 5, 2010


Get your pencils ready - I can't wait to hear your answers :)

What are the first three things that come to mind when you hear...

1.a Oregon

2.a Wisconsin

3.a Montana

What are the first three things that come to mind when asked to describe...

1.b Yourself

2.b Your house

3.b A pet

Pretend you were... what would you do?

1.c Falling into deep water

2.c Told you had three weeks to live

3.c Asked to try eating squid


Garden of Glory said...

1.a Wet, nest of environmentalist greenies, scenery
2.a Dairy cows, snow, maple trees
3.a Guns, open plains, hunting

1.b Slow talker, dreamer, naive
2.b Old, warm colors, serviceable
3.b Big ears, brown eyes, giver of good things ;)

1.c Either learn to swim real fast or pray real hard for a rescuer ;)
2.c Growl back
3.c Spend every moment with friends and family

Karen said...

1. Trees, mountains, Portland
2. Cows, Cheese, Green Bay Packers (are they from Wisconsin? I don't know, but that's what comes to mind!)
3. Sky, Ranches, my friends from Montana

1.A case, task-oriented, purple
2. Homey, comfortable, quirky
3.Loyal, smart, obedient

1. Try to remember how to swim, hope someone was there to fish me out.
2.Spend time with the people important to me
3.Try a bit with water handy.

Garden of Glory said...

:) You like purple, too? Yay for those of us who don't know much about swimming!

2.c on mine should be 3.c, and 3.c should be "Absolutely"!

King's child said...

1. Beauty, vivid emerald hues, the windswept coast, trilliums.

2. Cheese, cows, windmills, my visit there.

3. Bare plains, cowboys, entirely too much snow, thunderstorms.

1. Would irrepressible fit? ;) Hmmm, country mouse, animal nut, BIG dreamer.

2. Perfect.

3. Which one? We'll try my dog... Goofy, master at looking hungry, not very bright, my bestest friend most of the time.

1. Why would I be around deep water in the first place? ;D Float on my back and try not to think of things nibbling my toes. :-/

2. Go skydiving.

3. Thankee but 'nay.


Christi said...

1) Green, beautiful, HOME
2) hmm... a state in the USA!
3) cowboys???? I really have no idea

1) adventuresome, risk-seeker, wall flower!
2) amazing
3) noble, smart, totally the best

1) I can swim backwards... kind of!
2) Tell my family and friends how much I love them... then live it. Go on a daring rescue!
3) how much will you pay me!

King's child said...

1.a Pine trees, beavers, home.
2.a cheese, lots of cheese, more cheese.
3.a (as I've never been there...)dry, uh, hot, plain.

1.b fickle, impulsive, camoflauge.
2.b antiques, woodsmoke, a little crowded. :D
3.b big brown eyes, drool, fleas.

1.c Either panic or do the Dead Man's Float.
2.c Eat lots of chocolate and spend all my time with family and friends.
3.c gag, choke, make a face and swallow (probably bring it back up later ;D)


Brian said...

1.a. Oregon: Rain, Mountains, Home (the last scares me)
2.a. Wisconsin: Cheese, Minnesota, Ice
3.a. Montana: 2003 family trip, open country, Bozeman/Christopher Parkening

1.b: Reserved, math, music
2.b: Apartment, small, perfect
3.b: Big dog, great personality, good to be with

1.c: Point your hands above your head
2.c: Quit my job and travel the country
3.c: Ask the person to eat something even weirder first.

gretchen said...

1. rain, weirdos, coffee
2. cheese, grass, flat
3. nothing, dirt, country

1. silly, studious, adventurous
2. big, red, loud
3. cute, emotional, bored

1. scream
2. laugh
3. run


King's child said...

Come to think of it, if were told I had three weeks left to live I'd go skydiving with Cait and whitewater rafting-- then eat lots of chocolate. :P


Anonymous said...

1.a Trees,water,and home


3.a I have no idea

1.b Weird,strange,and odd

2.b Practically perfect in every way :)

3.b Goofy and stinky

1.c Flail my arms around and scream HELP!

2.c Ask why I only had three weeks, then drink LOTs of coffee, and spend time with my family and friends.

3.c I would refuse to touch it!!


Garden of Glory said...

Thanks for the laughs - these are great!