Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Trees Have Fallen

Felled Trees from Daniel Sauble on Vimeo.

My dad hired a guy to cut down six trees near our house. Four douglas firs, a pine and a black locust. Boy, I'm sad about that last one, but it was directly in the path where they needed to fell a couple other ones. We'll replant it this spring.

Now we'll get some needed sunlight in our orchard and more space for big rigs to maneuver in our driveway.

Anyways, this movie my older brother created would make a perfect sob story for environmentalists ;) Enjoy!


Christi said...

It is too bad the trees had to be cut down seeing as they are so tale and beautiful, but it will be so nice to be able to see more sky!

Oh, and tell Daniel he did a good job on the video.

King's child said...

ROTFL!! I LOVED the video! The dramatic music was a perfect touch. Let's just hope no tree hugger get wind of it... ;D