Monday, August 31, 2009

New Camera!!!

Daniel bought a Nikon D90.

I'm the one using it :D

Despite my novice's use of wrong lighting, wrong focusing, wrong who-knows-what-else, it is a lot of fun :D

Here's a few photos...




<> My beautiful girl, Mattie :D


Sisters - Lydia, me, and Abigail


Gwennie said...

Beautiful pictures, Emily! New cameras are so exciting! : )

Karen said...

I loved seeing these pictures, Emily - it is great to see what your siblings look like! Your little sisters are so beautiful (they take after their older sister, I suspect!)New cameras are such fun!

David said...

I like the pics!

very pretty. :)

So when can we expect more? ;)

Hey, you could come to fort stevens this weekend, and take pics of yours truly, on the field of blood and gore!

How cool is that? B)

Hope you can come,

King's child said...

Ooooh, that must be a really nice camera. :)

Your little sisters are so cute.... :D


Christi said...

Nice pictures Emily! You know how to take good photos! I would have to say the best pictures are the ones with YOU in them :) (you can get me later!)

King's child said...

Judging by the pictures that must be a nice camera! I'm jealous now :) Very pretty pics.


Anonymous said...

Pretty pictures!

And I love the dresses.