Monday, May 11, 2009

Portland Paradise

This is what my Dad looks like when I tell him to look, 'natural'. We're not too weird of a family, really, you just can't call us 'normal' by any extent of the imagination.
A sleeve... for the random fun of it.
I fit in to the surroundings... right?

If a brother appears to be contemplating a common fern, assume there is a bug IN the fern.
Hungry teenage boys fighting over lunch, what can I say?
Yup, that's about all Portland can come up with in the way of wild beauty.

There is nothing more fun than going on a family walk in a Portland park - greenies everywhere ooh-ing and ah-ing over the sacred trilliums; ugly pug dogs (I apologize to those of you who actually like those things. I suppose they have their place - somewhere) running in and out of our picnic area and their owners gently calling, 'no no, dear, don't do that', as it falls on deaf ears; failing to receive the memo to bring a change of clothes after church and having to walk barefoot because of blisters; and don't forget the gazillion open-mouthed stares of people as they count heads - yes, there are TEN of us in ONE family. We just smile sweetly and wave, and move on before their smiles turn to frowns of disapproval.

We are part of the overpopulation problem. YES!!!!!


King's child said...

Rolling on the floor laughing Emily!!! Looks like y'all had fun (except for the pugs). :D

And I love that dress!


David said...


I like your taste emily!


thats cool though....

I need to meet your brothers sometime,
they're just like me....

Brandwynn said...

LOL! Pugs, despite their ugly pushed in faces, are really cute once you get to know them. :D They snort and slobber all over your hands.

~Krista V

Karen said...

Great post, Emily! :) And how does your dad do that with his mouth?