Monday, January 19, 2009

Clarity, Clarity, Clarity

The one major piano competition I entered in was adjudicated by a Russian teacher who had this to constructive criticism to say of all of us, "When playing, always think clarity, clarity, more clarity!"

Who else feels that they need to work on clarity of speech, clarity of mind, and clarity of purpose? What clouds up clear perception? How about hectic schedules, music constantly playing on earphones, and driving to and fro from too many activities?

To clarify: someone asked me if the picture at the head of my blog is of my house. No, it is the unlived-in house across the street, which if I had a million dollars I would buy and turn into an idyllic inn and farm the 20 or 30 acres and woods that surrounds it! The view of Mt. Hood is always incredible, a blessing to me every time I feel the 'wanderlust' and take a walk in my beautiful countryside.


Gwennie H. said...

And I thought my view was pretty! : )

Theresa Wright said...

May I complement you, Emily, on your clarity in your choice of words. I always know that words that you say will be meaningful and to the point. :)

Kamon said...

I was wondering about that house. So I now know. Is that Red or Crimson Clover around the house?

A inn? That is interesting. We have a 100 year old General store I want to buy 3 miles down the road. Fix it up to sell out of it. Just like agriculture they don't build like they use to.

Garden of Glory said...

I believe it is crimson clover, Kamon. We get people bringing bee hives to the fields nearby when it's clover season. Our local farmer, Mr. Unger, seems to do a good job of crop rotation and tilling in all the left-over organic matter. His fields always are the best in the neighborhood - great crops and not plagued by weeds. I doubt he is sustainable, however.

Once the public gets a taste of good food and integrity, they'll keep coming - I think buying an old building and turning it into a farm-fresh store is a great way to make it easy for both buyer and seller to benefit.